星期六, 1月 17, 2015

Chinese Nationalist Army at Warlord period 1926~ 1928

Here is my completed Nationalist Army at Warlord period figure, this is one of the series commission work from customer. The "Kuomingchun" army equipment simple and crude like fabric bandolier, blanket, service cap and rifles, the armament were purchased from any nation, which was the Chinese Warlord did had their own source to purchased from different country.The Mosin-Nagiant was appear at the early 1900. 完成的訂製的北伐國民革命軍其中系列之一, 革命軍當時裝備簡陋裝備像是布質彈帶, 斜背軍毯, 大盤帽等, 以及各軍閥採購自不同國家的軍械, 形成當時的特色! 莫辛那干在民國初年即被引進使用.

I simply did base for Nationalist Army. 1.Apply hardware putty at wood base. 2.Used needle tool to engraved the gap, but need a bit of water at surface. 3.Apply water base grey color as primer. 4.Dry brush 2 color on the rock to show the different. 5.Apply pastel charcoal at the gap to show the dirt. 

星期日, 1月 04, 2015

Malaysia "Comic King" magazine

This is the recent Comic King magazine from Malaysia, which is 176 issue. The magazine included comic, and few toy designer that I've got interview via mail, the article are about how I love to do this job, how I start this and why I like this job, and some of my works pictures included. 這本是馬來西亞的第176期文創類漫畫王雜誌, 也是剛出爐的動漫雜誌, 內容也包含了相關玩具製作及創作的單元, 這期我被採訪, 分別安排在第080頁中的兩個版面, 內文是我如何開始這個工作, 為何熱愛這個工作及簡單的經歷介紹.

星期六, 12月 27, 2014

Making of 1/6 Chinese Warlord period Nationalist Army service cap

Just about doing a 1/6 Chinese warlord period nationalist army service cap for commission work, basically following Tony Barton tutorial will do, but add a bit of my way! 正完成的北伐時期的國軍大盤帽, 這是客人的訂製兵偶, 主要跟著Tony Barton的製作教程就沒有甚麼問題.

The hair style always bothering the headgear, the fancy hair needs to removal then change to simple and thin hair style, that the most important things is to fit any kinda cap. I used putty for the hair after removal fancy hair. 頭雕是現今的明星且留著時髦的髮型, 這髮型對我來說是不適用的, 並且要考慮到能不能帶帽的因素; 必須將時髦髮型削去且重新做出平頭的髮型最合適那個時代的角色, 我用AB補土做出平頭的髮型.

Apply the primer on the left, the right is original hairstyle. 左側是上了底色的修過的髮型, 右側是原始頭雕.

The cap needs iron keeping good shape, apply a bit water at the edge then iron it to settle the shape. 帽子必須用電熨斗燙過才能定型好看!

The small service cap good for warlord army,find more subject have fun. 小盤帽合適軍閥部隊, 有不少題材可玩!

星期五, 12月 26, 2014

1/6 Chinese Expeditionary Force

This is bashed figure straight from "Soldier Story", I change Bren light machine gun for figure that looks a bit different. The uniform were weathered, also spray a bit sand color on the upper side of boots. I simply made a base with a rock and grass as decoration. This is commission work by customer. 直接從SS簡單素組的國軍遠征軍, 改了布倫機槍給這位國軍, 布倫機槍是滇緬遠征軍的制式配備, 也是國軍次使用此款機槍, 制服全舊化處理, 靴子下半部輕微噴上黃土色, 地台以石頭及小草叢作為裝飾.

星期六, 12月 20, 2014

Paint work for 1/16 scale R/C KingTiger

Just completed a paint job for 1/16 scale big toy, this is from R/C group who need me to weathering this big kid for him, he did the base camouflage already. I used oil paint washed entire tank + hand paint number on the back of turret and gun, plus the destroy mark on front of cannon. 剛完成的虎王舊化處裡.

Have fun with the Acid Rain figures! 搭上"酸雨" 人型也很好看!!

星期四, 12月 18, 2014

First try 1/18 to 1/48 scale

The new technology bring surprise via machine, recently I try my 1/18 scale custom figure shrink down to 1/48 scale, the machine is highly expensive which is not available for personal use. But its good to have chance to meet 3D printer company who will like to help, but this technology for shrinking issue isn't that cheap, I have to check on my wallet though. The details are great after shrink! 第一次利用3D印表機將自製1/18人形縮小至1/48, 這等級的機器並非一般人能買得起, 等級非常高但是這個縮小過程也不便宜, 必須看看自己的荷包而為, 但是縮小後的精緻度相當漂亮, 確實有它的價值在.

星期四, 12月 11, 2014

1/18 OURWAR WWII articulate soldiers

These are my new toys! They are 1/18 scale articulate action figure, since 21st, Unimax and BBI disappear from the world. The Hiya Toys from China made a new series 4 inches WWII German Wehrmacht action figure. The first series are 6 figure a set, which included a Commander, a Submachine gunner, a machine gunner, a Assistant gunner, a Rifleman-A, a Rifleman-B. All about 13 joints at each figure, for this size is good enough, I quite like these figures.這是我的新入手玩具, 1/18可動小兵, 也是從21世紀, Unimax, BBI 消失後的第一個來自大陸的品牌Hiya Toys, 這系列是OURWAR 二戰系列德國國防軍, 6 個一套包含有指揮官, 衝鋒槍兵, 機槍兵, 機槍兵助手, 步槍兵A, 步槍兵B. 每個小兵都有13個可動關節, 以這個尺寸來說是很不錯的了, 質量相當不錯!

21st Wehrmacht on the left, OURWAR on the right. 左邊的是21世紀, 右邊的是OURWAR

One thing that I don't like is the helmet, what a terrible shape of  German helmet! I did 1/18 scale German helmet couple weeks ago for Acid rain, that now it's good time for these Wehrmacht. 這套德軍最讓人看不順眼的就是頭盔, 醜到不行! 還好幾個星期前製作了1/18德軍頭盔剛好派上用場.

Check this out! 

 Here is before paint job.


I did few medic helmet version.

星期二, 12月 09, 2014

1/16 R/C Tiger paint job

First 1/16 R/C Tiger paint job, this is my first client from R/C group. This Afrika crop Tiger needs weathering, that the prime color already apply from the owner. The TAMIYA products always super, the details like engine sound, gun fire sounds and the weights are impressive! 第一次接單舊化1/16搖控坦克"虎式", 田宮出品的實在沒話說, 從引擎聲, 火炮聲, 車重量都讓人想要一台!!

Dry brush the bare metal color at the shape and joint line area. 以乾刷的方式在尖銳處及接合線塗上.

Spray the color as primer to gentle the bare metal dry brush touch. 噴上跟底色一

The client apply the primer on tanker, that I increase the tone to look better. 人形用簡易的色差加強立體感.