星期三, 9月 23, 2015

Completed 1/35 scale Tiger tank crew

I did paint work for my custom 1/35 scale Tiger tank crew, basic on acrylic and oil paint. Now starting for sale! 人形上色基本是壓克力漆及油畫顏料, 坦克服有好幾款可以搭配發揮, 找時間來試!

星期一, 9月 07, 2015

Custom 1/6 photo etch buckles

I've been used ARMORPAX photo etch for long time, that I lack of my own need accessories for my 1/6 figures, I design what I need from software then output 0.5 mm copper photo etch. The set content 3 different type of buckles, which suit for gun sling  suspenders  backpack etc. The photo etch set starting to sell at ebay now.
使用ARMORPAX蝕刻套件有一陣子, 但是就是缺自己喜歡的種類也是最常用的扣環, 像是槍背帶環  裝備袋環  腰帶環等常常使用得到的, 自己畫了圖再轉作成銅片蝕刻片, 已經在ebay 發售中!

星期六, 9月 05, 2015

Custom 1/35 & 1/48 Tiger tank ace

Here are the two size of miniature figure - Tiger tank ace (Wittmann & Bobby), these two are shrink from my original 1/18 scale custom Tiger tank crew, the two size shrink figure were blow down by 3D printer that cost me lot of money to do that, hope the figure selling well.
這兩款不同比例的坦克組員是從自己製作的1/18坦克兵縮小的, 縮小經由3D列印製成也花了不少錢, 希望能賣好!

Chinese Nationalist Expeditionary Army "First new Army"

Another commission work for 70th Anniversary Sino-Japanese war, here are the 2 different soldier of First new Army.The First New Army was train by British at North India, that equipment with US & British gear and weapons. The one with flamethrower which I've seen first time. the other order by different customer who like to give it to his father in low, who was service at this unit during WWII, this is great dedication as gift. I fix TTL body shorter as Asian, then used my custom feet and custom straw sandal which request by customer.
另一個客製化兵偶也是給抗戰70周年的題材, 也是第一次看到使用美式噴火器的新一軍. 新一軍為英軍訓練的部隊, 同時裝備美英裝備及武器, 使新一軍戰力提升很多. 另一個新一軍為私人客製, 是非常有意義的禮物, 客人要送給他的岳父, 這位岳父曾經是新一軍戰士, 特別要求穿草鞋及中正式步槍, 也是這位老先生年輕時的裝備. TTL素體改小以適合亞洲人的體位. 這是個非常有意義的禮物!

1/6 Sino-Japanese war Chinese pilots

This is one of my commission work for 70th anniversary of Sino- Japanese war, the fly suit can't find at market, I did follow the pictures made one for figure, quite lot of work for sawing.The fly helmet were used lamb skin leather sawing by hand. BBI G-1 is my favorite action body, special for Asian characters but it is hard to find, I try my best to dig from friends who doesn't like G-1 body.The parachute from DID, pistol is DML webley mark IV revolver,the Russian map case is DML, robber shoe is required from customer, the figure had fixed on stand which I stick the wire between them.近期的客製工作不斷, 主要是紀念抗戰70周年, 飛行服定製, 素體為絕版的BBI G-1素體, 相信這款已經沒啥人要, 所以從朋友手中挖出些G-1素體, G-1體型最合適亞洲角色, 傘具是DID, 手槍是DML韋伯利左輪槍, 俄式地圖帶, 塑膠靴也是客人指定以方便固定在木質地台上!

星期一, 5月 25, 2015

Kitbash 1/6 Japanese Infantry (China campaign) WWII

Just completed a 1/6 kitbashed Japanese Infantry at China campaign, this is the commission work from customer, which still have lot of figure to do that will keeping me busy for whole year, but I'll running out of my loose parts from my stock. This is ain't good news!!剛剛完成的日軍(中國戰線)也是客製品, 接下來還有許多得做, 夠我忙一整年. 用盡庫存的絕版散件, 很心痛哩!!

星期五, 4月 17, 2015

Nationalist Army bust in 1/6

The custom 1/6 bust of Nationalist Army is commission work from a customer,the bust for 70nd anniversary of Republic of Chinese Army, that the bust will going to be paper stand, which will be a heavy stand under the bust. I used my spare 1/6 head straight for the bust, have a wood stick then place in position with silicone glue gun. Epoxy putty apply onto wood stick.

Keep applying epoxy putty till collar appear that show the tunic looks, DID German helmet straight on head. 

星期日, 3月 22, 2015

Custom 1/6 Vietnam War US tank helmet WIP

Here is my working in process of 1/6 scale Vietnam War US tank helmet, which one of my favorite subject in 1/6 that never seen in market, I was planning long time ago but I recently find the time to work on it. The prototype is using AB putty as material, inside the hemisphere is used failure of vacuum helmet as basic shape then cover with AB putty. 正在製作的1/6越戰美軍頭盔, 也是早先就想做的題材, 市面上也沒見過! 終於找到時間動手. 主要是以AB 補土為材料, 內襯是用真空成型壓出的失敗頭盔為形狀.

Start polished when AB putty dry, then add the thin edge! On the left I add a bit of AB putty as microphone position.  乾後的頭盔雛形用銼刀, 砂紙打磨! 再加上邊緣當作是橡膠保護圈, 左邊一小球是麥克風的位置.

Roughly make the shape then fix in detail with tools, add the needle pin head as rivet around the helmet. 麥克風雛型乾後用刀子+砂紙修出正確形狀, 頭盔中間的螺絲則以大頭針的頭打進並黏住.

Ready two flat sponge, one cut off the middle as donuts shape, then glue them together! Place on both side of headsculpt and slide into helmet is done. 準備兩片泡棉, 一個將中間切出圓形像甜甜圈的造型, 再將兩個黏在一起! 將兩個海綿套上耳朵, 塞進頭盔裡就行了!

Find the goggle see how it look! 找了個風鏡試戴!

The wire and copper wire ready for microphone, first I bend the metal wire as 8 shape, scissor a little piece of copper plate and wrap the end of metal wire. The copper wire needs to bend in curve shape then solder onto the middle of copper plate. This part really needs the metal without the doubt, It will taking me lots of time when mess production. 麥克風必須是金屬材質才會堅固, 鐵絲及銅線是主要素材; 把鐵絲折成8 字形, 在尾端用一小片銅片包住, 剪下的銅線折彎並用焊錫焊在尾端的銅片上.

This is the microphone looks.

星期六, 3月 21, 2015

OMON Moscow police by KGB hobby

Another KGB hobby Omon Moscow Police coming in my collection. Again, very nice tailor parts of winter jacket,ANA winter Dungarees, ANA V-95 tactical vest. The most beautiful part is leather boots, which is made by sheep skin that it won't be have cracking happen like DID products boot.這個是另一個KGB收藏人偶莫斯科, 雖然不含人偶但是配件製作非常細緻, 衣服打版及靴子相當精美, 靴子材料為小羊皮, 不會像DID 合成皮靴會自然龜裂.

Here is my kitbashed Omon Moscow Police, not many gear but pretty cool figure!這是素組Omon, 雖然沒有裝備但是很不錯!

星期六, 3月 14, 2015

KGB 1/6 Russian VDV Scout sets KGB-003

First did non WWII subject 1/6 figure, this is impressive products from KGB hobby, which mean KGB hobby will do whole series Russian special force series soldiers! The set are not included headsculpt and body. Looking forward to future products. 第一次玩非二戰題材軍偶, 因為大部分都是美軍題材, 太普遍了! 這個題材倒是讓我感興趣, 俄羅斯海軍藍白條紋T 一直是我最喜愛的衣服. KGB這系列的衣褲都加強了肌肉內襯, 用不著以海綿補強, 省很多事! 穿起來相當順暢!

The poor guy curl on the right is wearing wet suit, who have to wait till dry. The 1/6 fabric suit better moisten and rub then will appear natural wrinkle look.  右邊捲曲穿著濕濕的衣褲的可憐傢伙辛苦了! 他必須等到衣褲全乾才能脫掉, 1/6 衣服沾溼後再搓揉或穿上素體能弄出自然皺褶感.

Ya, it dry already.終於乾了! 抱著香蕉慶祝!

Very nice boot indeed! Love the shape and detail, this is most beautiful boot I've ever seen in 1/6 products. 靴型非常漂亮, 希望不會像DID 一樣自然破裂!!

Insert the foot into boots then plug on ankle joint. 先穿進足部, 再套進腳踝!

After moisten fabric looks better!浸濕過的衣褲看起來最自然!

Spray sand color on lower half of the boots! 在靴子的下半部噴上沙色!

The two VDV scout have different dress look, the right VDV have a bullet proof vest on, the vest is not included in the set. 右邊的VDV穿了防彈背心, 背心不包含在這套裡面.

The camouflage took me couple hours to settle on the net cloth, lots of fun! 偽裝衣花了幾個小時才搞好但是很好玩!!

AKS-74U assault rifle repaint. AKS-74U重塗過.