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My 1/48 Banana Republic "Wild Boar" ground support aircraft

Here's my latest work 1/48 Banana Republic ground support aircraft "Wild Boar". I've mixed 3 kit into one aircraft, which's are ARII 1/48 scale P-40 Kitty Hawk x 3 (fuselage & twin engine), TAMIYA 1/48 scale A-10 (wing & nose), Academy 1/48 scale (landing gear). The idea came from the first image but I didn't following most of structure which I depend on the kits that I have them in my stash.The auxiliary materials are 1.5 mm styrene sheet and lots of putty.   Scretch-build King kong pilot, lounge chair made by styrene rod and little piece of fabric, putty made banana basket. The airfield ground made by a piece of cork, the cork easy to do nature cracking, then apply AK cement texture, used oil paint for color tone.

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