US Tank Crew

剛收到DID 的散件, 趕快穿上試試, 感覺真的不錯! 頭盔上的29師徽章把它給上色蓋過! 靴子也不錯!!
素體, 頭雕, 戰車兵連身衣- BBI
外套, 槍, 戰車盔, 手槍, 望遠鏡- Dragon
頭盔, 靴子- DID

Receiving DID new release parts(M-1 helmet, boots) that their are looking great when putting on my US tank crew. I knew the Thomson sub is not right version for Europe campaign but this is the one that I can found.
Headsculp, body, one piece tank crew suit- BBI
M-1 Helmet, Boots- DID
Tank crew helmet, uniform, Thomson sub, pistol, binocular- Dragon