Moroccan Infantry(France Expeditionary Corps)1944

Obviously this is a guy looks like Islamite, that's right! I'm now making Moroccan Infantry during WWII which served France Expeditionary Corps! As usual, I fix up G-3.5 body to normal looking because "Macho" man is not what I want. Check the entire look when setting the figure on the unfinishing base. Be continue....
這像穆斯林的頭雕就是這次的主題, 摩洛哥陸軍! 也法國的殖民部隊, 隸屬於二戰法國遠征軍. 大至擺上未完成的地台看看感覺, 雖然地台有些小! 按照慣例, 素體作了瘦身手術, 接近正常體位感覺較自然.