How to store my 1/18 big planes

I’ve been crazy and collected a bunch of 1/18 scale big planes but how to store them is the main problem that happen to all collectors. I know the best way is hang them on the ceiling also is the best vision to look at these plane because people will love to see them flying but how big is the ceiling can any collectors be able to hang them? I had found the best way to display them and saving your space. First, buy few of paint hangers which can judge the position as you desire. Second, place the airplane at vertical position and hang them but needs plastic handcuff to hold the airplane nose.
收集大比例飛機有一陣子了, 怎麼放是大家關心的議題, 大都是把他們給掛在天花板上, 但是有多大的天花板可以掛著呢? 我倒是直立著他們貼在牆壁上; 感覺還不賴. 去美術用品店買掛畫的鋼索, 上頭掛畫的鉤鉤可以任意改變位置, 而將飛機的主翼靠近機身的部位給鉤上就行了. 但是機頭需要簡易塑膠手銬套住就更穩了!