Monogram 1/48 P-39 AIRACOBRA

P-39 is the one of my favorite plane of WWII, I build this kit at early 1998 that I was a member of IPMS while I’m working at Sydney. Quite a great memory with modeler society that I met lots of great modeler there and the same year I went down to Melbourne entry the 1998 opening competition that I won a trophy with my 54mm figure but not this plane. This is an 1/48 scale Monogram kit which made around late 70’ that I love the shape of this aircraft and design even though it’s not a great plane during WWII against Japanese superior aircraft. I engraved all the panel line and used Edward photo each set to upgrade this kit such as cockpit、landing gear、landing gear bay、flap etc. The nose cannon and wing gun barrel were replaced by cooper tube; first apply enamel aluminum for primer paint then apply acrylic olive green on it. I chipped the paint with sticky tape at the nose and front wing specially the walk way at the outside of cockpit. Final washed with oil paint also pastel for surface effect. “Air a cutie” decal had found somewhere for a while which was not in this kit.
這架是1998年的作品, 也是住澳洲時完成的同時也是最後製作的模型, 接下來幾乎停擺了. 98年帶了這架參加墨爾本年度的模型公開賽, 雖然只拿到佳作但另一件人型拿到銅牌. 而在IPMS模型俱樂部裡也有公開賽, 也得了小獎牌. 那裡悠閒的生活方式實在讓人懷念!


做過模型的就知道這是水貼紙, 但是也要又技巧才能貼得漂亮.