STALIN Organ” Katiusza”

This truck was also build in 98’ building model kits. The Italeri kits come out lots of parts and finely details as always which is impressive kits. I specially like the old time classic truck that there are variant weapons install on it. Again, I used enamel as undercoating then the acrylic on the top, washed desire area with acrylic thinner that show the color shade on the surface.
這台Italeri 出品的”卡秋謝”, 也是德軍稱之為”史達林的風琴”火箭發射車同樣是在98年完成的模型, Italeri 模型特色就是零件超多且細緻, 打開盒看就覺得要花不少時間製作. 但是完成時真的很逼真, 因為這麼多精細的零件組合起來後的整體感的確不凡. 只有前燈的防護罩是自己製作外其餘都未改裝過; 喜歡舊式卡車的造型, 超有古典味, 再裝上各式各樣的武器在上頭的確很有feel.