DML 54mm UNION ARMY 1861

Here is one of my 54mm figure series which DML products at early 90’ that I was expected to see Confederate Army release by the time. Since the kits had completed that there is no sign to hear any Confederate Army coming up. This is my first entry opening competition at Melbourne. We are having 2 hours flight from Sydney with my wife and Aussie friend who had entry the competition as well. Here is the third place for entry result and I’m still keeping the trophy for myself.
這件是DML在90年初出品的美國內戰(北軍)人型, 當時還很期待(南軍)的出現但是令人失望了, 到現在還是相關模型. 98年在澳洲時首次南下參與每年3月的墨爾本模型公開賽, 搭了2個小時的國內班線飛機後又是另一個超空曠的地區. 為期2天的比賽後拿到了人型情景組第三獎, 頒獎時只有我是亞洲臉孔, 好像都沒有華人玩這東西. 同樣我以HUMBROL為底漆, 油畫顏料處理其他色調. 矮石牆是石膏刻成的, 馬車輪取自於軟塑膠模型.


好說!好說!可惜當場沒拍下來.當時還沒有數位相機, 要不然有很多回憶可以留念!