BBI 1/32 SBD

I’m wondering why BBI either to produce 1/32 scale or not to choice 1/18 scale? Would it be the 1/32 scale market better than 1/18 scale? As the picture show the model is not fully functional like rudders、flaps can’t moveable that these issue will not be interested in me to buy it.
這是BBI官方發布的1/32 SBD 圖照, 不曉得為何BBI會選中1/32呢? 市場比1/18還大呢或是其他原因. 根據圖上的細節此飛機的方向舵、升降舵等幾乎都無法活動; 覺得如此不好玩的玩具很難讓人有購買的欲望!