2008 Figure exhibition at Taiwan

Been busy for few days during long holiday at Taiwan. This time we have gathering at center Taiwan ( Tai-Chung ) Sin-Kong Mitsukoshi department store for 12 inches figure exhibition. The show looks fantastic than any other show before that is much like art gallery showing arts. Actually these figures are creating by authors which can’t find second copy at any where. The exhibition will host for a month till the end of April.
在連續假期中連忙了好幾天終於大大方方的開幕! 台灣12吋人偶玩家似乎都動了起來, 為了這場盛會大家來自於北中南集中在台中的新光三越, 超讚的展場及強勁的人偶創作把這次盛會推上最高點. 雖然累了幾天及推展12吋人偶的風氣而如此累的都值得. 玩家們幾乎是把12吋人偶藝術化了, 從頭到腳全看個人本事, 能自製就自製, 能改造就改造! 展場大多數的作品也都變成唯一而再找不到第二件的藝術品了. 超級屌的展出!

咦~ 這是我嗎?