MiMi prototype cont.3

Used disc case will be my great choice for MiMi base. The size is just good enough to be character display stand. First, I cut 1/3 thick off (depend on what thick you need). Second, add frame on it that will make disc case stronger. Third, apply plaster into the disc case which make it heavy and stand stability.
I’m planning MiMi standing on the green grass that I pick fur as grass. I had gutted the size to fit disc stand then glue it. Used acrylic paint (light green) spray on it that the rest of stand is painted black. Last stage is paint the “MiMi” with my bare hand.
光碟空盒也是不錯的底座材料; 先切下1/3 的部份(因為太高了). 在裡面以不要的膠版做出補強以增強堅固性, 接著灌入石膏加重及穩固底座.
找了皮毛當作是草皮, 這感覺比黏土刻出來還像; 再噴上草綠色就可以了, 其他底座部分則塗上黑色壓克力漆, 最後則以徒手寫上MiMi 字樣!