21st 1/18 scale P-47

P-47 release about 2004 but I had ignore it that the reason is too big.As long as Avenger release that the P-47 it looks alright to me but there are already gone which is not easy to find,specially the yellow nose also painted with black skeleton on it that it is bubbletop canopy.Lucky I had found 〝Eileen〞that painted olive drab on the fuselage and beautiful check paint nose(The check paint nose always impressive me).That’s how she become one of my 1/18 members.
21世紀出品的P-47已經是2004年的事了,一直沒把她列入名單原因是太巨大了. 但是復仇者出現後覺得P-47的體積還不至於構成威脅但是已經很難找到了.收藏這類型的玩具要是猶豫太久反而就錯失良機了,當然要是能在見到就肯定不會放過.