Turtle helmet Mk III(2)

Continuing the helmets schedule progress that there are close to the end. I always love to shop around art supply shops and hardware shops to seeking usability material for my products or hobby like female at shopping mall.I have found new material when I scroll around at these shop then I’ll getting more exciting.So this is typical of crazy hobbyist!

Speed up liners schedule.

Use the rest of pins for stripes buckles

Great help of these clamps

Spray on Tamiya spray can TS-5 olive drab for helmets.

Been looking for 2 days to find 0.3mm sponge sheet then attach to frame

Glue the liner inside

Here is the unperfected part for the helmet that I use 1/4 of pin head penetrate the helmet through liner then fold the end of pin to hold tight the liner also glue them.

Be continuing.....