My helmet VS DID helmet

Recently DID products of Japanese soldier that I had received the figure also. I scratch build the Japanese Infantry helmet at few months ago, here I place them as comparison. The Right one is mine, DID is on the left.
*DID helmet looks wrong shape at the side view.
*The size went too small that it is hard to put it head.
*The straps went wrong also the length is too short. It need to be reach 26 cm to enough to
tight up.
*DID had great metal touch helmet.

以下是我的日軍頭盔V.S DID日軍頭盔. 右側是我的頭盔, 左側是DID.
*一般頭雕必須用力下壓才能戴上, 但也是不怎麼合.
*盔帶也綁法也錯了, 且不夠長, 必須是26cm的長度才能正確綁上.


當然 我只是在想廢物利用的可能