Brontosaurus Skeleton model kit

Stop building plastic model kits for long time since 98’,I’ve got this old brand model from my colleague who is not interested to build model kits which is Glencoe Models products of 1/35 dinosaur’s series that I’ve never build before.The Glencoe Models had products lots of historical classic airplane series which is my crazy for them when I’m young.I’m happy to have this brontosaurus skeleton kit that can shared with my boy that who is interested in dinosaur’s.I build this kit straight from box,my boy also had join a bit of the skeleton building.I brought one of my 1/35 resin figure soldier to compare with the same scale of brontosaurus size which is amazing to know how big is the dinosaur’s.
這是我第一次做恐龍骨頭的模型,Glencoe Models是美國老廠牌模型,也是小時候就接觸過的模型廠牌之一;這家廠生產不少的經典古典飛機系列,曾經製作過少數幾台而倒是沒做過恐龍題材模型.這盒是直接完成並無上色等步驟,順便拿了我的1/35樹脂小兵比一下實際比例,恐龍確實蠻壯觀的!這盒我兒子也參予了一些,因為恐龍也是他的最愛.