21st 1/18 scale Bf-109E

Here is the one of my old collection of 1/18 scale series aircraft which is about 2004,it was the 21st old products even it is not quite accurate entirely but it was large and charming scale collection since then.It is shame that the canopy had big mistake that it should not be the same part when it open.Besides,the landing gear are not keeping parallel when it down and most of all the flap are not moveable.This aircraft was one of the famous Luftwaffe ace “Adolf Galland”.
這架也是21世紀早期1/18系列產品之一,是我在2004年入手,雖然整體細節並不是讓人滿意但是巨大就是美呀! 主要是座艙該蓋不應該是做成一體的;而主起落架方下時並非平行,還有方向舵都無法活動而這就失去大的意義了.此機是Adolf Galland的座機.