New look of M20A1 Bazooka

Here is the proceeding of 1/6 scale U.S Bazooka M20A1 modify;First thanks to my friend “Chung”who provided correct information of Korea War of M20A1 version.The kit is “Famous World Weapon of Collection”products which is injection run 1/6 scale kit that there are some mistake that needs to be correct.Now I’m start to convert rear nozzle component first‧

Step 1﹒Chop the original rear nozzle off,clean through the Bazooka tube;Original have been block at both side.

Step 2.Used FIRM sculpt the rear nozzle shape then go through shape modeling via plastic plate because lack of vacuum machine help that cause fail result.The clay can’t take the heat that will cause out of shape.

Step 3. I used Supersculpey as mold then cast a resin rear nozzle;I had add the tube in the middle of cast for vacuum air suck out when the shape has make.I had also add another three hole at the curve parts that this will help the curve shape goes perfectly.