Making 1/6 boots 1.

Having fun to making shoes by now;After U-boat shoes that I had another try to make boots.I’m pretty sure I’m a guy who never get bore,"find something to do" will company with the rest of my life.

1.Another pair of wood mould;I add a bit of lower leg part.

2.Ready 4 pieces of leather;2 for the front,2 for the back,obviously the back parts are slightly bigger coz this for boots.

3.Soak the leathers in water like I did for the first pair.Stitching front part leather then used water place on the mould to hold the shape.

4.Back part are reference form real boots structure goes;There is one flap piece,a semicircle for heel,two curve narrow strip to fasten eyelets,one on the top of the boot that there all gum with white glue,then used stitch making holes before sewing.