Nationalist Army Lieutenant 1949 Civil war (Can’t hold longer)

After Japan’s defeat in 1945,China was plunged back into civil war between Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist and Mao Tse-tung’s Communists;the latter’s victory in 1949 was to have historic consequences.
In May 1946 the rank system in the Nationalist Army was changed,basically to conform with the US system.Although the new insignia were seen in use by some officers during the civil war,most officers and other ranks continued to worn old pattern insignia.

Thanks to my buddy(chung814)greatly support his custom telephone EE-8A and Browning Hi-Power pistol.

HS- custom
Body- Barrack Sergeant (Modify legs and fixed rough surface)
Cap- DID(William Bowman)custom Nationalist Army insignia.
Hands- Hot Toy(painted with acrylic and oil)
Field jacket M1943- DML(weathered),Lieutenant silver bar- DID
Shirt & trouser- BBI(custom trouser)
M-1 Helmet- BBI(custom Nationalist insignia)
Boots- DID
Chest unit pattern- custom
Cartridge & Binoculars M17- DID
Mauser-type wooden holster set- Soldier Story
Ammo create- custom
Thompson sub & M1 carbine- DML(weathered)
Base- custom

1945年日軍投降後隨即爆發國共內戰,明顯的國民黨軍一面倒後撤退至台灣.這件想從這位中尉軍官的表情中表現當時的的戰況.這時期的國軍裝備大多數已經改為美式系統,從軍階標示、制服、武器等都能感受全面美式風格,然而還保留原有抗戰時期的系統,可以見到這2樣混合的穿著及搭配,這種混裝時期的歷史一直讓我非常感到興趣.感謝chung814兄給小弟支援的自製EE-8A電話機及Browning Hi-power 手槍,對這件作品的助益相當有份量.
頭雕- 自製
素體- Barrack Sergeant(腿部修改)
軍官帽- DID 美軍飛官(國軍徽章自製)
手- HT(重塗過,顏色不太對!!)
M-1943外套- DML.中尉槓條- DID
軍服、褲子- BBI
M-1 頭盔- BBI(自繪黨徽)
靴子- DID
胸章- 自製
彈帶及M17望遠鏡- DID
核子槍木質槍套- Soldier Story
彈藥箱- 自製
湯普生衝鋒槍、M1卡賓槍- DML(重塗及舊化)
地台- 自製