Prince froggy

This is modify base from C-I boy body into a froggy,I fill up with epoxy putty between head and body as one piece.I file with No~100、600 sandpaper on surface then apply Gunze acrylic paint;The crown were used my last project of waste Bazooka vacuum form fail nozzle,the character completed straight forward which have the idea in my brain.

這隻青蛙王子在短時間裡完成,類似的設計公仔其實只要腦子裡有造形的概念就能很快的表現出來;這個素體是來自於C-I boy的素體,我以補土將頭與身體兩個部位填滿後再以100、600號砂紙處理表面.上色則以郡士水性漆為主,因為這素體大部分是PVC材質而目前的模型塗料只有郡士順利使用上.