1/6 French boots (Indochina)

Here is the French boots which I’ve done recently,Quite enjoy to try this type of boots because I’m interested in Indochina war.First I made another new mould for this boots that I’ve add the lower leg which make extend the length of lower leg parts;The basic technique are the same as I did before (Please review).Pretty much eyelet had been spending on this boots which is 13 eyelets at each side,I’ve cut and glue the waste BBI rubber boots for the sole that turn out really nice result.
這雙印度支那法軍靴是這幾天試驗的結果,也因為對印度支那戰役有興趣使然.重新刻了新的腳模;也就是家長了小腿長度,其他製作技法與之前的製作相同(請往前幾篇閱覽),這雙花了不少銅眼,每邊崁上了13個銅眼也是這雙靴子的特色. 鞋底的膠紋則是切下BBI 的橡膠鞋底來替代,感覺還不錯!