Modify HS and repainted

Here is the DML Eddie Parker head modify and repainted details.I recon this is one of the best head from DML that I don’t collecting DML heads usually but this one.The neck is same as usual like 90• straight to the body and head that it feel stiff as normal toy look so I cut off the neck,chop the unequal eraser to fill in the head then I used the glue gun to fill inside of the rest space which I never try before;Insert the neck joint and have 10• to slant the Hot Toy body then used glue gun to fill the gap,I leaved the room for surface which can be fill up with epoxy putty for outward.
I washed the original paint with acetone then leave the skin vinyl color that looks much close to natural skin color,the rest I used oil paint for the variant tone;the eyes and hair are used Gunze acrylic paint.

不常收集DML頭雕但這個頭雕我覺得是DML最有特色的頭雕,跟一般的頭雕一樣, 脖子都還是90度垂直而讓人感覺太僵硬而失去自然.將脖子切除後在腦帶裡塞進切好了的橡皮擦,其他沒塞滿的空間則是以矽膠槍填滿,如此比較容易將脖子接榫固定上,同時頭雕也不會抓起來軟軟的.脖子接榫以10度的斜度固定並填上矽膠再以補土補上外表即成.


I thought that figurine was John Travolta!