Awesome wedding

This is the first impressive wedding that I’ve been participated, the couple are design artist that everyone can feel the taste from the wedding. First I saw the bull head in white color for who had been invited can sign on it. Walk through the door that can see many designs ring display on the table, every artist shows his/her own design for the ring to give as a present to the couple that every designer have the display stand as a present. Really cool idea!!
這是第一次參與的特殊婚禮, 這對新人都是設計工作者而從這婚禮中就能體會到他們的品味, 非常讓人印象深刻. 簽字桌上擺著大牛頭給大家簽字, 好喜歡說!
走進門則是被邀請製作愛的戒指展示桌, 每位的表現方式都各有特色! 當然, 這對新人留下所有的戒指而參與者則將戒指展示台帶走. 非常酷的婚禮!

Here is one of the fantastic art works from bride who created the monster cow that has been display at Ximen district in Taipei city.
這件牛年創作是新娘的創作之一, 現在擺在台北市的西門區的紅樓廣場裡, 有別於其他的相關創作.