Making “Love Ring”

Just to remember has to make a set of love ring at two days before wedding. These are not real ring that is one of the wedding programs. I spend a day started from thinking and complete this set of love ring, one for the groom and one for the bride. Blessing this young couple!
在婚禮的前2天才趕著作這對創作戒指, 其實跟本就不會做這東西, 而創作戒指是婚禮中的一個項目. 我以一天的時間完成構想到戒指完工, 希望在婚禮中可以看到不同創作的戒指. 祝福這兩位新人!

I used starter for the ring, the plastic plate for the out skirts structure.
我用電燈的圓筒啟動器當做是戒指, 改造板為外圍圈.

I sculpt the heart and trunks with epoxy putty; the trunk is one of the creating issues.The heart surround by trunks which hold the heart strongly.
心與樹幹都是以補土來塑型, 等乾固後就可以上色; 樹與樹幹是這戒指的題材而我用樹幹牢固滴握著心來表現.

I painted the heart as realistic style like I paint the red and blue pulse on it, that’s kind of cool.
我畫了寫實的色彩表現心, 也就是畫上紅、藍色的脈搏上去, 看起來很酷勒!