Global Mall Toy fair 2009 Part.2

The light sauce had been set up at the upper cabinet that we were started to have the shots. We have 53 figures totally in this show that we located at theater hallway which is the best spot for stream of people.
當光源最後裝上時也就是拍攝存檔的時間了, 我們總共有53件人偶參與這次創作玩具展, 同時我們的位置在戲院長廊的末端, 是吸引人潮必經的地方.

These military subject area created by chung, Ian ,swat911 and myself, except the colorful motorcycle is non military.
這些是軍事系列,是chung,溢 及我的作品.除了彩色的摩托車外,這題材是來自於電玩"摩托風暴".

Self creating subject by XIII & Kurisayhi.
自創的題材,分別是XIII& Kurisayhi作品.

Half military subject which created by waffen26.
參雜半軍事的女性人偶題材,由waffen26 製作.

Here are the awesome dio of zombie on the street by Tod.

Custom figure form movie characters.

I attached the 12 inches figure web for people who interested in our society.