Global Mall Toy fair 2009 Part.1

These shots were the first day we were at the 4th Global Mall display our work. Everyone were bring their work then met there after work. We had great chats and fun to spend all night there; even some of the folks are come from Tai-Chung (center Taiwan) then go back home at mid-night after display.
這幾張是大家佈置時的照片, 大夥兒約在下班後的時間進場; 直到燈光確認後已經是晚上10點, 大夥兒還是等所有的細節都確認後才離開. 來自台中的朋友們回到家也都是半夜了, 這就是熱誠! 非常喜歡佈置現場有說有笑, 彼此欣賞新的作品, 沒有比這更快樂的事了!