Motor Storm 1/6 Part.2

Now should do taping work before apply the color on the motorbike main body, I used the paper tape covered the front and back wheel which is no need to have the same color as main body.
現在則使用紙膠將不需要在這時上色的部份貼上, 像是前輪與後輪.

There are 4 stand holder needs to be remove at the bottom of frame that took some time to sawed them off.
機車主體架構的底部有4 個底座固定洞則用鋸子小心將它們去除, 再以銼刀磨掉銳利的邊緣.

I used TASTOR color (chrome silver) to apply the exhaust pipe; I mixed silver and gold for muffler. The cylinders were painted with silver.
在排氣管、引擎等品部以TASTOR 銀色漆塗上, 排氣管上的消音器則以銀色混HUMBROL金色塗上.

I vacuum form a new seat replace original seat that the seat had cover with leather.
我用美國油土塑了個椅墊後以真空成型機壓出成型, 用膠水將皮件貼上表面, 邊緣則向內摺.