Motor Storm 1/6 Part.4

Paint the flame! I started to paint the flame on paper in tank shape、mud cover shape as right side, then I scan into computer to have horizontal rotate to obtain the left side of each.
Print them out through paper which gave the idea of how to follow the scheme to use pencil drew the exact scheme on the tank、mud cover.
手塗火燄圖案, 先將火焰圖案畫在紙上並在電腦軟體裡翻轉後再列印出正確比例. 再以鉛筆畫上油箱、擋泥板、前燈等部位, 由於這些部位都是彎曲而非平面, 很難以描圖紙來處理.

I used Gunze orange H-14 for flame by hand paint. It is takes time to get use to paint these flames, Gunze white H-11 for inner flame. I apply the Testor silver on the tank fuel top and front rim of the light、rear light. Spray Mr.Hobby semi-gloss as coat.
我用郡士橘色H-14為火燄底色, 一開始還真需要時間來適應畫不規則的火燄形狀. 郡士白H-11為內火燄色, Testor銀色則塗上油箱加油蓋、中間油錶、前燈蓋及後車燈. 最後噴上Mr. Hobby 半光澤保護漆.

I replace the seat leather that looks better then before.
從新給坐位換了小羊皮, 小羊皮來得軟及平貼.