Motor Storm 1/6 Part.5

Painting wheel rim was the hardest things that some part of the rim is not easy to reach them, Try to use small brush to paint the entire rim.
Place the 0.5mm aluminum tube to another side as treadle.
塗輪圈也是不容易的差事, 內側許多細節必須技巧性的上色, 這當中換了不少號碼的筆才能順利完成.

I fixed the clutch to parallel; painted with Testor chrome silver entire handle.
The end of the handle painted with black.
將右手離合器切下後擺至平行的位置; 左手邊的也是換成平行的位置. 塗上Testor銀色漆, 兩邊的把手塗上黑色.

Here is the complete look.

I mixed Gunze H-11& H-341 as dust color then spray onto the both tires and under part of motorbike. Also spray on the rider lower leg and boots.
混合郡士H-11、H-341為塵土色, 噴上兩個輪胎(噴上3/2厚度, 內側留著輪胎原色就很自然) 車身的下側也一起噴上; 騎士的小腿及靴子也一同噴上塵土, 如此與車身會有一致的整體感.