Motor Storm 1/6 Part.6

I used my old custom head for the rider, the neck is about 45° tilt which is good for the action posing; I love to do action for my figure, particularly the motorcycle rider. As usual, I drill the hole at the bottom of neck that it fit for the neck joint then glue it with super glue.
這騎士使用舊款的自製頭雕, 脖子呈45度也是非常適合製作動作中的理想角度. 同樣我在脖子底部鑽洞讓脖子接榫可以黏上.

The head painted with Gunze acrylic orange + tan, light brown for the hair, the sideburn dry brush with Humbrol enamel. Used enamel black+ brown painted the inner mouth, painted the teeth with enamel white.
頭雕以郡士的橘+ 沙白為底色, 淺棕色為頭髮底色, 鬍渣以Humbrol乾掃. 油性的黑+ 棕色塗上嘴巴內側, 以白色塗上牙齒.

The Barrack Sergeant body is my best choice for the action posing, I recon there is no other brand can compare with BS body. The shoulder capability is perfection! I pick one of the DML army green T shirt worn inside; BBI Chinese MIG-15 pilot suit for the rider, I painted the skull on the back (Gunze acrylic). Knee pad & elbow pad are from BBI CY girl.
The gloves took it from DML WWII German para.
BS的素體一直是我最愛用的牌子, 原因是可動度非常好, 尤其是肩部的高可動度是其他廠家無法比擬的. 肩部是影響動態的主要部位, 一般12吋素體肩部可動差而明顯出現動態過於僵硬而感覺不夠像真.
騎士的裡面的軍綠短T是取自DML, 整套皮衣則取自BBI 的MIG-15飛行員裝, 我在皮衣的背面以郡士壓克力畫上顝顱頭. 護膝、護肘則取自於BBI的CY girl.
手套則是DML二戰德軍手套. 如此拼拼湊湊出一件與眾不同的東西的確好玩!

Test ride!!

The helmet and goggle are from BBI products of F-86 pilot, I used turpentine washed US Air Force symbol then leave the base color.
頭盔及防風鏡則取自於BBI的F-86 飛行員, 頭盔正上方的美軍空軍徽章以香蕉水洗掉且沿用原來的底色.