Motor Storm 1/6 Part.7

The display stand that I took it from 1/18 scale die-cast car (Land Rover). The length and wide are about the right size for the motorcycle.
I bend the document clip to suitable shape to support the motorcycle (Dame super stiff document clip!) then glue onto the stand; I apply the silicon glue to emphasize it.
這塑膠的展示台是取自於1/18的Land Rover金屬車的展示台. 長度與寬度都剛好合適擺上這架摩扥車. 我用文件夾彎成能支撐摩拖車的形狀(文件夾還真的超級硬, 花了不少力氣才弄成) 用快乾膠黏上後再以熱融槍的silicon補強.

I glue the Balsa wood to fill up the surrounding area to keep the same height as central part.
展示台的中間其他部分用剩餘的巴沙木黏上, 差不多與中間的一樣厚度.

First I apply the water base putty on the surface then paint with XF-52 acrylic paint when dry. Second, I used paper tape to cover the side. Third, spray the white glue+ water on it; I mixed red brick color fine sand + sand then apply on the surface. Repeat the white glue water and sand for 3~ 4 times. Remove the paper tape will complete it.
鋪上水性批土, 乾後塗上XF-52當作底色. 用紙膠將周圍貼注, 噴上混水的白膠; 選了磚紅色細土混沙土灑上表面, 噴白膠水、灑細土, 如此重複3~4 次且待乾後就完成了. 最後則把紙膠撕掉就行了!