Armor Catty girl part.2

When torso had complete then needs to apply for PU putty. I have no idea how PU foam had been made but it comes with powder when cutting or sawing it, also come up weird smell (urine). Usually needs to apply PU putty for 3~4 times then use sand paper to grind the surface then can apply the color on it.
軀體完成時塗上PU補土, 通常需要塗上3~4次後打磨較保險, 打磨後也可以上色.

Making hair- I design 3 parts for hairs such as front、right and left. Again, I chop the square as usual then drill the inside which is planning to fit girl’s head, once the parts fit well then go through exterior that carve the hair detail; I use file to fix the shape ( great tool for PU form).
頭髮的則分成3個部份; 一是右側, 一是左側, 一是前側. 同樣是切下塊狀PU塊然後削掉內側的部份, 也就是能夠貼上頭殼的形狀後再處理外部髮型. 挫刀倒是很棒的修型工具.