Armor Catty girl part.3

The girl’s lower part of body was carving from an irregular shape PU form.

Now I’m going through the 2 SPITFIRE engine (looks like it to me). Again, started form the rectangular then carve into right shape with knife、files; Apply the PU putty on the surface for 3~4 times then used sandpapers to grind the surface when PU putty dry. Girl’s lower part of the body needs to had test fit to the engines.
製作2 具類似噴火的引擎也是同前面的步驟, 將長方體以美工刀、銼刀切銼成型; 塗上3~4層地PU補土待乾後以砂紙適當滴打磨表面. 重要的是將少女的下體部位與2具引擎作假組合.