Armor Catty girl part.5

I dilute Tamiya putty with turpentine; Apply to the entire figure to fill up unsmooth area. Again, sandpaper serves later when putty dry; the repeating stage will needs lots of patience until you think it is good enough.
The arms connected with body with plastic rod; but it needs to bend it to right angle to stab to the arms and body, try to place the arms with body to have the best posing before glue them.
我用田宮的補土加入少量香蕉水稀釋後塗上幾乎全身的部位; 稀釋的補土是為了填補表面的淺坑洞, 而大的坑洞就需要AB補土了. 接著又是砂紙的工作了, 如此反覆好幾遍真的需要很大的耐心.
我用膠條燒彎後用作連接手臂與身體的接榫, 膠條的角度要剛好才不會裝不合身, 在上膠之前最好擺幾個理想的手臂角度再做確認再行上膠水固定住.

I’m adding a bit thicker of AB putty at the back of upper arms which connect to shoulders. I used Tamiya epoxy putty for waist belt.
我在上臂與後肩膀連接處補上了些厚度的補土, 並做出衣服的縐褶. 腰帶則是以田宮的快乾型補土製成.