Armor Catty girl part.7

I scratch build 2 set of propeller with 1.2mm plastic plate; each propeller had glue 2 piece of 1.2mm plastic plate then carving with knife. Two sets of them are goes different direction which will push the character forward even this is not serious. I stab 3 holes as right position then glue propellers on, painted them with enamel black
自製2組由1.2mm改造板製成的螺旋槳葉, 每片槳葉由2片1.2mm改造板黏合而成然後以美工刀削製成. 這2組螺旋槳葉的轉向不同, 雖然沒那麼嚴肅但有考慮到能推進主體的原理為主. 在引擎的前端刺出3個洞再黏上螺旋槳葉, 以黑色琺瑯漆塗上.

The hands made by epoxy putty then fixed the detail with drill set.
I’m picked 2 Dragon products of Sten Mk.II for her instead of Mk.V like illustrations have which I don’t have it.
雙手是以AB補土製成, 乾後再以電動手鑽修飾. 我挑了2挺史登Mk.II 代替原作裡的Mk.V.