Armor Catty girl part.8

I can’t wait to glue the hairs on but needs to paint the head first, this is my first paint such big eyes for figure. She looks lovely when hair had place, I know the hair looks stiff (I’ll do better next time).
在完成頭部時一直很想趕快把頭髮黏上, 但是得等到最後臉部上完顏色後才能看到完整的造型, 頭髮黏上後以補土補上接縫即成.

Add cat ears with epoxy putty; fixed detail with drill and sand papers. I painted the hair and ears with grey, dark grey apply on the sunken part then light grey dry brush on it. I stab the bamboo stick to the bottom of legs then glue the engines on. The tail made with clay which is flexible and light when dry.
加上了補土製成的貓耳朵, 表面以電動手鑚及砂紙處理過. 我以灰色系處理人型, 底色上後在深凹處以較深的同色系塗上, 再以較淺的乾刷過即可. 用竹籤插入腿的中間並上膠, 接著把2具引擎黏上即完成. 貓尾巴是以樹脂土製成, 樹脂土乾後有彈性且重量輕, 很不容易弄斷.