Italian Infantry El Alamein 1942 Part.1

I’m planning to do an Italian soldier with this head which I haven’t done it before, I’ve focus on the Northern Africa Theater; The Twisting Toyz products will be the best source for this subject. I’m ready for the loose part which I’ve purchased from the web shop that it seems quite straight forward. I weathered the uniform by water color when content 80% of moisture then dress up the body and bend it, this will make wrinkle naturally when leave it to dry.
這次題材鎖定在北非的艾拉敏戰役的義大利陸軍, 也是我從來沒玩過的題材, 如此才會有極高的興趣完成他. 當然, 最佳的散件就非Twisting Toyz 莫屬了, 這些散件是幾年前產品剛出現時就購入了! 一直到現在才拿出來用.
在浸溼的制服以水彩做出舊化的效果, 然後穿上素體以彎曲狀待乾就能有自然的皺摺出現.

I pick up Hot Toy body for my Italian soldier, I’m planning to do a running posing and carrying with a LMG that I don’t need to worry about the shoulder issue, I mean it is no need to raise the arm with big action. I grind the both shoulder by power drill that make them narrow, this will looks naturally when dressing up the tunic.
I rough the surface by sand paper of the body; this will stop the slippery when dress up the uniform and pants.
我挑了HT的素體給這個義大利士兵, 會是拿著LMG小跑步的動作, 所以不必在乎肩膀活動性; 也就是不會有舉手的大動作出現. 磨去兩肩最突的部位這會讓穿著時的肩部更加自然; 另外是以砂紙磨去素體平滑表面, 有助於穿著時不會滑動而浮浮的像是玩具的感覺.