Italian Infantry El Alamein 1942 Part.2

The Breda 30 is widely regarded as a poor weapon. It had fragile clips, a slow rate of fire, used the underpowered 6.5x 52mm cartridge and was prone to jamming.
It was magazine fed from the right side. The magazine was attached to the gun, and was loaded using brass or steel 20 round stripper clips.
This weapon is interesting in that it fired from a close bolt alongside using blowback for its action, and had a small lubricating device that sprayed oil on each cartridge as it entered the chamber. This system allowed the chamber and barrel to heat rapidly, which caused rounds to fire before they were fully in the chamber. The oil from the lubrication also quickly picked up dust and debris, making the weapon highly prone to jamming during the North African Campaign.
The Breda 30 1/6 scale is Twisting Toyz products that all the details are well done; I’m quite like the quality! I’ve pare the molding line then repainted it.
這挺貝瑞塔1930式輕機槍在整個分析數據上似乎不會讓人滿意; 從低速的火力、不夠強勁的6.5釐米子彈、很容易會卡彈等不良設計都是這挺機槍的致命傷.
另一個缺點是槍枝的潤滑油很容易流入槍膛, 而造成槍膛容易積垢及沙塵. 也由於潤滑油滲出的關係而使槍膛及槍管在使用中容易變燙. 沒有一樣讓人稱讚的地方? 不過這把由Twisting Toyz 出品的1/6 Breda LMG 精細度非常好, 看了都不得不下手買.

I brought some of the 1 cm thick of pan pad from 39 dollar shop. One thing I need to do is nail a nail through the pad then see how it goes with the figure.
從39元商店購得幾個1公分厚的鍋墊, 只要將釘子釘過鍋墊就行了, 接下來看看人偶的部份.

I glue the bottom of pant at lower leg; this will help the puttee tie up. I also glue the left feet inside when I’m planning to drill it before. I’m sure the nail is good enough to support the entire weight of figure.
在這款7分褲的下緣處上膠固定在小腿上, 這樣打綁腿時會很順利而不會到處滑動; 在左腳跟裡頭上快乾膠固定住, 如此就可以放心滴鑽洞並深及小腿. 蠻確信這根釘子可以支撐人偶的所有重量.