Italian Infantry El Alamein 1942 Part.3

I found one of material for the puttee instead of original puttee which is not enough length for entire lower leg. The puttee should cover the top of the boots but it was looks bad because it is too thick (rubber made).
在材料盒裡找到了替代原來的綁腿, 由於原來的本腿長度不足以纏繞整個小腿所以作罷. 本腿應該是蓋住靴子的上緣開始往上纏繞上去, 但是由於膠質製的靴子過厚的原因而從靴子裡的小腿開始著手.

There are 0.8 mm gap between feet and base, I chop a piece of foam which make it fit between.
左腳底跟地台有0.8mm的空間, 切了剛剛好的珍珠板放在其中.

The horseshoe roll will be on his left shoulder and end of right waist, I cut a piece of fabric then sewing the forth edge. Roll the fabric and tie up the both end when place onto the figure.
I’m weathered the haversack and hands (BS) with oil paint, also emphasize the uniform.
馬蹄狀的布料是放在士兵的左肩至右下腰的地方, 剪下一小塊布並將四邊車好後就可以捲起來, 放上位置後在捲布的尾端以棉繩綁結即可.