Italian Infantry El Alamein 1942 Part.4

I add a strip for helmet that makes it more reasonable.
加了防暑帽上的帽帶, 讓它合理些.

The base is almost same as before I did. It is a desert scene that could be boring flat and it’s better to add little things to get avoid boring layout. The little rock chop from 2 piece foam and glue them, I used lighter burned the surface to make the natural effect, painted the acrylic and dry brushed enamel.
地台的製作同舊方法; 由於是沙漠的情景如果整個是完全平坦的地面會很無趣; 至少加塊岩石及小草可以讓情景加分. 黏好2塊珍珠板後削成適當的大小並削出岩石的形狀; 以打火機燒烤表面後上色即可.

Glue the rock with bamboo stick onto base; I used glue gun fit up the gap then apply the sand on it. Glue a bunch of straw on the side of the rock.
用竹籤刺進岩石再上膠水黏上地台, 岩石與地台的縫隙以矽利康膠槍填滿後鋪上白膠及塵土即可.

Even in the desert the shoes could be cover with dirt, few basic color of charcoal pastel can be creating variant tone of dirt effect. Chop the powder from the charcoal pastel stick which needs to mix them to match the base tone; poured the acrylic thinner then stir it, apply the mud on the boots till it dry. Used tissue to wipe out the charcoal pastel slightly as you desire then will show the dirt effect naturally.
再沙漠裡活動多少會讓靴子表面覆蓋砂塵, 準備幾個基本色系的粉彩筆就可以調出不同色調的塵土顏色. 將粉彩條的粉削出來並混出搭配地台的色系, 倒入一些些水性溶劑攪拌成泥狀, 直接上在靴子的底部區域待乾; 乾後就能用衛生紙輕輕擦拭表面 (擦出自己想要的效果).