The New Head Part.2

Making normal hair style because this is not an fashion subject. You need to know the hair direction which makes them looks smooth when sculpt it. Again, used Tamiya enamel thinner apply on the surface with brush that is the end.
通常這類型題材就不必在乎髮型而只要一般就行了. 原則上需要知道頭髮的流像並且看起來順就可以了. 處理完後以筆刷沾田宮油性溶劑塗上表面即成.

I used VANCE PROJECT cast which’s my first try, the VP products of AB resin comes with white color resin, it takes about 3 minutes to become solid which is quite challenge experience that needs to get rid of the bubbles as fast as you can.
第一次試 VANCE PROJECT 製品, 這款AB cast是白色成型, 硬度70~75, 從倒入模後到完全硬化只需3 分鐘, 時間非常緊迫而在硬化前必須將裡頭的氣泡挑掉, 非常具挑戰性.