1/6 Bust.2

Let’s continue the bust from last stage! I’ve check with the muscle structure from anatomy that it is told me that I have long way to go but I’m lucky that I’ve choice the bust for this subject. Anyhow, I’m still having many things to try. Just go for it!
還好選了半身像為題材, 看了解剖的資料後還真的還有很多地方要加強. 不多說, 這也是學習的機會. 把他給完成最重要!

I have confidence with head.

I roughly done the collar bone which are quite clear at the front chest part where connect to the end of Stemocleidomastoid. It shouldn’t obviously look like what I did that needs to be fix.
大致塑出鎖骨的部份, 因為鎖骨在上半身裡是一個明顯的部位, 也是胸部上方連接著頸部, 亦即是頸部左右兩條胸鎖乳突肌的末端連接著鎖骨內側. 還有一大段距離要修改!