1/6 Bust.7

I build a square container by thick cardboard, leave a bit room on each side and higher of bust; then glue it to the transparent sheet. The bust glues it to the inside of container.
用厚紙版做成方形容器再黏牢於透明膠片上(透明膠片容易撕掉), 將胸像黏於容器裡並在四周圍留出一點點空間, 而高度也必須加高些.

The maximum silicon inside the container is about 1.2Kg that it takes about 8 hours to dry; then tear the transparent sheet off. Cut the silicon mold by knife then take out the bust.
這個四方型容器大約用掉1.2公斤的矽膠, 8個小時後以刀片切開矽膠並取出原型.

Pour the resin into the mold; Take the cast out when dry. Now the cast needs to fix a bit of bubble area then go for the next stage. Stay tune……
將樹脂倒入矽膠模裡, 等到樹脂退熱後取出即成型; 還需要小修一下! 待續……