1/6 Bust.8

Finally, I find out time to paint the wolverine. The Gunze acrylic orange、white、tan are mix for basic skin tone. The base stand is paint with enamel black. I did many the rest of putty for the independent hair at front that I drill three holes for them.
I love to have oil paint for the variant skin tone but it needs few days to dry.
終於找到空檔可以為金鋼狼上色. 膚色還是調出來的較自然生動, 以郡士壓克力的橘、白、淺沙色調出膚色. 胸像的立碑塗上黑色琺瑯漆. 我用剩餘的補土作出不少的獨立毛髮可以用在額頭上方的位置.

The hair and sideburns are paint with Gunze light brown that it had dry instantly; the dilute oil paint straight on the hair and sideburns as dark tone shade. Stay tune…….
毛髮及腮鬍以郡士淺茶色塗上後以稀釋的油畫顏料強調深淺色調. 代續…….