1/16 Metal A6M2 (1)

I make up my mind to ordering 100 volume of ZERO A6M2 magazine and comes up with 1/16 A6M2 parts. The total 100 volume will takes 2 years to have all of them, its good idea to have “loan” the big bird which I can afford to have the kit.
I’m exciting to have volume 1 & 2 last week that I’m start to build the parts; the instruction are clear even don’t understand the Japanese characters.
做了決定訂了100期的日文雜誌, 重點是湊足這100期就能完成一架1/16 全金屬的零戰模型, 也就是每一期附有部分零件在內, 這刊物會將會以2 年的時間出完. 很興奮的收到1、2期及部分品部, 雖然不懂日文但是解說圖非常詳盡, 是非常棒的刊物, 很值得收藏!

Volume 1

Used file and sandpaper for the blades.

Volume 2

The parts needs to use sandpaper to grind the surface then spray the metal primer on them.

Left wing main structure(still need to wait for pieces)

Assemble the spinner parts by super glue.

Propeller can turn to different angle.

I remember my brother and I were takes a few weeks to saved pocket money to buy a 1/72 scale AIRFIX kits when young. We all enjoy building the small kits by then; now I’m having loan to gain a big bird that it seems to throw my thoughts back to memory.
What if the hobby loan machine happening, kids needs to do afford as he can from the pocket then get the parts from machine, would that be the sweet things!
記得小時候與哥哥一起存了好幾個星期的零用錢才能買到一盒1/72的AIRFIX 小飛機, 當時已經覺得很幸福! 現在分期付款購機計劃讓我回憶到以前了; 要是有台分期付款的機器可以讓小朋友們分期購買部份零件, 也是很棒的方式吧!