Making 1/6 Canadian Boots.3

I used to have leather to wrap the wood mold to make the shape, now it doesn’t goes well this time because the wood molds are stock inside the leather due to the small diameter of ankle that I have to replace by form; which the from will be destroy by then but this will keep the beautiful shape of the boots.
這次我以2cm的珍珠板替代木鞋模, 在黏上鞋底前由於腳踝直徑些許小所以木鞋模無法順利拔出; 而替代的珍珠板則需毀壞才可, 但是如此可以保持漂亮的鞋型, 倒是穿著時必須注意才是.

I added the nail and 2 piece of metals on the sole which following the pictures; the nails are cut from the stitches, the 2 piece of metals are plastic plate.
鞋底也尊照實体而打上釘子及前後鐵片, 釘子是取自於大頭針針頭, 而2片鐵片則是改造板.