12 pair of High Top

I’ve got big order from Canadian hobbyist who request for 10 pair of High Top boots, other 2 are from different hobbyist. Christ, I have no idea how long it can be done by then that I’m now going to be a shoe maker. Anyhow, those shoes will makes me busy for a while. The picture shows all the pattern had been cut off by me and ready to roll.

接了12雙加拿大高筒靴, 真不知道哪時可以完成全部的靴子. 現在有點像個鞋匠了! 這些靴子也夠我忙上一陣子哩. 這些剪下來的鞋板是正開始上工的時刻!


Thats great news!
I am sure more orders will be flowing in once this batch of 10 goes out (& words gets around). The quality of your products are simply amazing!
Thank you, my friend!