Custom 1/6 Cossak Kubanka

Here is another custom work for a French hobbyist, who is unable to find the Cossak Kubanka. I’m loved to try making different thing in 1/6, the fabric had found in the market last weekend that I love to be there to see plenty of fabric all around.
在市面上找不到的這頂哥撒克傳統防寒帽是由一位法國玩家訂製, 也是第一次製作這款防寒帽; 逛逛永樂市場肯定能找到東西的!

I carved a column shape from my spare Balsa wood as mold; Cut a piece of fluff and red fabric then cut into circle, stitching 0.3mm tape x 2 cross on the red circle fabric as top. Apply twin adhesive on 1/2 of inner fluff side that make the fluff shape stiff look. Trim the fluff to shape, then stitch down the back by hand.
以巴沙木的剩材削成圓柱狀, 剪下長條型絨毛並可以長於巴沙木的直徑, 在1/2的地方貼上雙面膠帶並反折黏勞, 以縫線縫住接縫處; 另外剪下圓型的紅布, 在一邊車上打叉的0.3織帶為帽頂.

Cut a 3cm diameter thick paper place on top of the red top, then following the thick circle paper stitching between fluff and red top. Turn over when stitch has done that it shows the complete Cossak Kubanka.
剪下直徑3cm圓型的厚紙板疊在反面的紅布上, 跟著圓型紙板的圓縫住絨毛與紅布即完成這頂帽子. 最後將帽子反折就出現哥撒克毛帽了!