Custom 1/6 small arms、low legs armor

Here is the same project as previous shoulder armor. The small arms & low legs armor reference are actual coming from the movie “TROY”.
小手臂裝甲及小腿前裝甲是同前的製作題材, 也是電影”特洛依”裡的道具.

I made the clay mold by Super Sculpey which are small arms x 2、low legs x 2. I used 1 mm plastic plate made the shape through vacuum form machine, and then chop the right parts off by scissor and knife. It was fail 3 times when vacuum it that glue them to inner pattern to make strengthen. I used Tamiya putty as decorative patterns for armors.
我用Super Sculpey塑出兩個腿部形狀、兩個小手臂裝甲形狀後以真空成型的方式壓出外型, 再以剪刀、刀片切出需要的部份. 壓製真空成型時也失敗3次, 而失敗品還是有小部份可以拿來當裝甲中間花紋的部份, 也可以做補強而讓塑膠裝甲更堅固. 裝甲上的花紋以田宮的模型補土製作, 搓稱細條狀後黏上正確的部位即可.


Hi, may I ask which vacuum form machine you use and where u get it? Thanks!