Making 1/6 shoulder armor

Here is my new custom project for HK customer, first I complete the shoulder armor which for left shoulder only that looks like use by ancient Gladiator warrior. The black leatherette and aluminum plate as material; I scissor 3.3 x 1 cm aluminum for few piece then glue and wrap them with black leatherette. Each completed armor plate connecting with string that makes it workable.
這是正在進行中的題材, 來自於香港客人. 先完成左肩裝甲而這裝甲蠻像神鬼戰士當時的裝備. 我以假皮及鋁片為材質; 剪下3.3x 1cm 的鋁片, 再以多一倍大的假皮包住並黏上鋁片, 每一片以染過色的棉繩綁住, 所以裝甲是可動的.